Funerals and Memorials

A meaningful funeral service or memorial service is important for marking the completion of a life and to help those left behind to release the loved one, friend or colleague. Meeting the needs and beliefs of not only the deceased, but of all who attend a funeral is important. When this is a central theme, everyone attending regardless of faith or views will feel included.

A service created especially for you by an Interfaith Minister will reflect the true spirit of the person whose life is being celebrated.

Why would a funeral led by an Interfaith Minister be appropriate?

Funerals today often includes people attending from different faiths or those who do not follow a faith. Our Ministers are mature men and women who have followed a two-year training programme with the Interfaith Seminary, where the inner spiritual truths of the individual and at the heart of the world’s great faith traditions are recognised. There are countless paths leading to the One God/Truth/Great Spirit.


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